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What is Building Demolishing Contract?

Demolish is an action of flattening the existing buildings, it can be any kind such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, and educational and institutional buildings. If you want to demolish a structural building, all you need to do is to find out a building demolishing contractor. They work on and execute the demolition process with suitable equipment, machinery, and explosives if needed as per the government norms. At first, the demolish contractor inspects the sites and prepares by removing the harmful stuff like electric power, gas pipeline, etc. They are responsible for obtaining the necessary permission and permits. Demolishing and reconstructing a home is a long-lasting solution for an older building.

Why we are one of the finest buildings demolish contractors in Chennai?

We do all kinds of building demolishing or dismantling such as individual houses, apartments, industries, factories, commercial buildings, hospitals, retails stores, schools and colleges. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about demolishing a building is safe. We take all the precautionary measures and safety requirements for carrying out safely the demolition or dismantling of the buildings.

  • We can handle various categories of demolition work varying from small buildings to a big industrial plant, multi-store yard shopping malls.
  • Our team members are the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals as they are demolition experts
  • Constantly update ourselves with the current technologies to ease the work.
  • We have various kinds of modern types of machinery to demolish the building easily in lesser time.
  • We complete the work as per the schedule without any prolonging.
  • We use the latest technologies to achieve better work and perform efficiently.
  • We follow the government rules to demolish any kind of structural buildings.
  • Our expert professionals are well trained in safety measures.
  • We keep up with the legal norms of safety measures to avoid unwanted accidents.
  • At first, we analyze the building plan and make a perfect process that will be suitable for the building structure.
  • Provide all the safety appliances to the works with a detailed explanation.
  • The first thing we do is shut down the floor opening below the ground level to prevent unnecessary accidents.
What are all the things to do when planning to demolish a building?
  • A definite plan must be prepared depends upon the building structure.
  • A complete study about the building should be made to be clear in which section to be pulled down at first and the surrounding.
  • The process should not affect the neighboring buildings.
  • Need to take all the necessary steps to prevent any kind of accidents.
  • Ensure the safety of the adjoining buildings.
  • Cut off the electrical power supply to the building and the main electrical meter must be removed or protected to avoid damages.
  • There is an exception for the power supply if an electrical power supply is needed for any type of equipment for the demolition work.
  • Need to provide all the necessary safety precautions measures to the works.
  • The water streamline should be cut off or need to be sealed.
  • If there is any gas line in the building premises, then it needed to be shut off before the demolition work starts.
  • The demolition work should cause the least nuisance to the neighboring building and the members of the public.
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