Just dream about that moment when you step into your dream house after construction passing through all the difficulties. Every brick of your home knows about the hardships and sacrifices you have made to fulfil the desire. Some factors should be noted when you build your dream home so. They are the cost of the land, area, surroundings, and, more importantly, Vastu compliant.

Vastu Sastra may be defined as the "Science of architecture" when put into simple words. No matter of caste and religion, every person has now begun to understand the importance of the Vastu system to get a calm environment filled with positive energy.

To welcome the energetic sunshine into your lovable family, remember the benefits of Vastu before buying or building your home:

  • 1. The home entrance is advised to be faced either towards the north or northeast for the sunlight to enter. A good spread of natural light keeps the home always healthy and bright.
  • 2. A good amount of ventilation should enter the rooms. Hence, it is better to have a north or east-facing balcony.
  • 3. Bedrooms can be planned to be facing south, southwest or west. Else it may lead to problems like sleeplessness, anxiety, or being short-tempered.
  • 4. The kitchen must be located at the southeast corner of the house, complying with the fire element "Aagneya".
  • 5. Bathrooms can be designed to be at the south or southwest corner of the house so that the amount of ventilation reaching the rooms will be high.
  • 6. Construction of staircases in the middle of the rooms is not advisable since it may block the sunlight from striking the rooms and consequently result in poor ventilation.
  • 7. The living room should be outlined in such a way that it can spread out a positive environment.

The widened knowledge in the field of Vastu can enhance spirituality and craving for healthy and wholesome life. It kindles the people and mind to explore their inner self. Vastu not only promotes serenity but also make them expels mental skills to a huge extent.

Vastu compliance in the Shape of rooms

We can hear your mind voice saying, "What's the shape and frame of rooms do with Vastu?" But there lies science and reason behind it.

Many may opt for trendiness and lose preference over the conventional forms of rooms. It includes switching over designing of circular rooms to rectangular or square rooms. It may sound stylish and new, but it isn't compliant with Vastu. The circular pattern hasn't come under either of the Eight directions where each direction possesses unique capability.

Spaces for Overhead Tanks

Every house stores the water in the overhead tanks placed mostly on the rooftops. While implanting the tanks, one should consider the whole weight of the tank over the house into account. Scientifically, it should be calculated to avoid the unequal exertion of pressure over the home. So, the tanks should be positioned west corner or southwest corners of the home. Else if it's not possible, the tanks can be placed in the south or northwest direction. But the positioning over the northeast corner is highly not advisable.

Ventilated Room for a Healthy Life

A tidy and light-filled home is a sign of a wise mind. Vastu evokes the five elements and gives a clean and clutter-free living space, significantly improving your mental abilities. It has the potential to increase happiness and mental wellness. It can also boost mental awareness and help people feel awake throughout the day. Proper Vastu implementation in the building keeps the occupants energized throughout the day.

Never forget your resting place!

Just grabbing a cup of coffee and watching the sunrise in your home feels nice. To experience the beautiful moments rather than peeking out through windows, you will reach out for the balcony. There are Vastu constraints for better view and ventilation. Balconies can be designed to be positioned over northeast, north or east directions. The airflow can be seen favourably only in these directions. South and west directions are not advisable. It is better to avoid heavy pieces of furniture laid over balconies.

Shades of Home

The rooms where you've got to lie down peacefully and relax after facing an industrious day feels high. So, such rooms should radiate cool shades rather than dark and deep colours. The light colours hold the power to calm the mind from stress and elevate it to normal. It is proven true through Vastu, where colours like White, light pink, and blue.

So, the intention of building homes in compliance with Vastu is to check for health, the goodness of mind, a strong foundation for home and a lot more. Next time, when you either build or buy your dream homes, in addition to looking for styles and trends, make sure to check for Vastu. Happy Living, everyone!